End of 2012

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End the year of 2012 with each a ColdStone ice cream. Yummy…



Dads For Life 800m Father & Child Challenge

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We register Dads For Life 800m Father & Child Challenge on 9 Sep 2012. Both father and child run together for a short 800m Challenge and with a Finisher Medal.  The father will pay the normal rate of $8 while the child runs for free. Flag-off at Esplanade Bridge, time 9am. It was Jayden and Jervelle first run. They enjoy alot and wear their medal all the way home…

Gardens by the Bay

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We brought the kids and in law to Gardens by the Bay on 9 Aug 2012 (Singapore National Day). We did not purchase the ticket to the Cooled Conservatories as we find it ex (maybe next time with promotion price). So we only bought the OCBC Skyway tickets which cost $5/adult and $3/child. For a stroll along the OCBC Skyway, a 128-metre long walkway that connects the two 25-metre Supertrees at the Supertree Grove, and take in a different view of the Gardens. The view is nice but the weather is super hot hot hot.

On 11 Aug, we re-visited Gardens by the Bay but this time is night time. So the kids can watch the pretty lighting of the Supertrees.

From the web said that when night falls, watch as the Supertrees come alive with a dazzling myriad of light displays bursting across the sky. Daily Shows : First – 7:45 PM and Second – 8:45 PM (Free Admission). We miss it as we reach there late.

ECP Cycling

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Brought a new 16inch bike for Jayden as he grow up. So his 12inch bike will be pass to Jervelle mei mei. Nowaday, kid bikes are so expensive. So on 29 July, we went to ECP to try the new bike. Kids enjoyed alot on their bike. I planned to change Jayden beloved 12inch bike from blue to pink.. hehee…

Making funny faces.

On the way, we had our lunch and break at PizItalia. The restaurant have a indoor playground and it free entry when you dine in. The western food is nice. I feel that their dining tables are all too big, waste alot space.Kids love playing at the playground and we can rest. But the only thing I am disappointed is that the person look after the playground did not do her part. She listen to MP3/song. When I heard my gal cry so loud, I rush in. She stay there doing nothing and do not allow me to climb up. I so angry and ask her faster go up and see. She take her own sweet time to go up. In the end my gal was help by other bigger kids. I am so so so so disppointed on her way of work. I make a feedback liao and hope the management do something. We still like the place.


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Brought the kids to ECP on 21 July 2012 for a walk and also play their scooters. It a very nice afternoon but hot hot weather. We had our lunch at the Sunset Cafe along the beach. It feel so nice and relax.

Vivo City – SingKid

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Joined my sis family to Vivo Singkid playground on 7 July 2012. It bigger then T3 but still alot people. Jayden and Jervelle enjoyed.

National Museum of Singapore

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National Museum of Singapore open free entry admission on 23 & 24 June 2012. They are having Children’s Season 2012 – Island Adventures for the young one to understand Singapore’s history and heritage.

It is the kids first experience to Museum.

Make your own unique craft as a momento to bring home after visiting Island Adventures!

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