Study Table

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Went to Ikea and brought this super long table for kids as study table.

photo 092



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We had enrol Jervelle to Kinderland childcare. She will start Jan 2013 for N2. Hope we choose the good and correct school for her.

photo 053

Buddha Tooth Relic Temple

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We booked 2 seats for Jayden and Jervelle on 22 Sep 2012 at Buddha Tooth Relic Temple location at China Town. The monks will prayer those kids for good in study.

Barbie Doll

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Jervelle first Barbie doll.

Rotavirus Attack

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On 25 May 2012, Jervelle was admitted to hospital (Mount A) due to diarrhoea and fever. My poor girl had the drip for 4 days and cannot eat any soild food. She keep crying for few days. When she still a infant, we had the rotavirus vaccine for her. But seen like the vaccine are not working. Doctor also cannot reply why. haiz…

The last photo show she so happy cos she going home after 4 days stay.

Walking Together

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I love this photo. Jayden and Jervelle walking on the beach holding hand…. so lovely…

Cuties Jervelle


Jervelle love to eat, like Jayden. But the way she eat don’t look like a girl.. hahahaha…

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